Elite Golf Performance Online Golf Program

  • Coached Two US Open Champions
  • Coached PGA Tour Winner/Champions Tour Winner
  • Coached 2 time US Amateur Champion
  • Elected Speaker PGA Show
  • Speaker PGA Teaching/Coaching Summit
  • Award Winning Program voted by the people "Best Of The Best"
  • EGP was the 'Featured Story' in Texas Golfer Magazine - January, 2011
  • EGP has multiple Texas training facilities
  • Proven Track Record
  • We Are Trusted by over 20,000 golfers from around the world
  • EGP is celebrating 27 years in Business

"The best lessons I've ever had in my life came from Matt Christian and I've had lessons with some of the worlds best golf instructors."
Wes Short Jr.-   
PGA Tour Winner 2005     Champions Tour Winner  2014

"In all my years of playing high level amateur and professional golf I've trained with some of the best golf instructors around the country including Chuck Cook, Matt Christian of Elite Golf Performance is by far the best instructor I've ever seen."
Kevin Ward 
Former Univeristy of Kansas player/Tour player


Voted Best of the Best 

  • We now have a Club Champion 2015 that ONLY trained in our EGP Online Program
  • Previous 100 Shooters now in the 70's through the EGP Online Program
  • How Two Juniors that shot a 64 and 63 in "REAL" AJGA Competiton
  • Health improvements of energy, stress reduction and overall happiness students received through the EGP Online Program
  • How Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and Meditation changed our clients lives 
  • How EGP was a Featured article in Golf Digest, "How we changed a mans life battling Depression"
  • Golfers that added 40 plus yards on their tee shot with deadly accuracy
  • How The EGP Online Program changed a girls performance 24 shots 

Here is What You Get When You Join The Elite Golf Performance Online Program

Full Access to our private training website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with this program. This a structured library of learning in every aspect of golf performance

All you need to have is a Smartphone, Ipad, PC or Laptop or Video camera to video your swing and then you will email it to us elitegolfing@gmail.com

Download Skype or Google Hangout for free so we can work together in real time

Aloha Matt...Love this video.. very clear message and your demonstration of the impact alignment point over and over plus the float and contain...it has been less than a week that I have been with you and it feels like I have made more real improvement in my game than in the last few years...last three holes today I had 9 iron chips and I hit the hole twice and chipped it in the third time...the control gained from the tiny pitches.. the slow slow club moves translates right into my chipping...shot 3 over today with a lot of difficult lies and rock hard greens as we are in a drought...bottom line I am very excited and appreciative of what you are teaching..
aloha, Bruce Russell


Topics in Training Program:

Elite Full Swing Progression
Elite Short Game
Elite Wedge Play
Elite Putting
Understanding Equipment
PGA Tour Workouts 
Understanding Biomechanics
Elite Speed Training
Golf Knowledge 101
Elite Mental Game
Meditation Techniques
Tai Chi and Qi Gong
Elite Practice/Training Guide

Do you have 10 minutes a day, 2-4 days a week to apply training time to your golf game and health? If so, this is your program!

After you purchase the program what happens?

  Receive your username and password by email

  Receive a pre training call from Matt Christian or call Matt at
(817) 726-0493 to cover how to use this amazing program to best fit your needs .

 Options with Live Training Facetime, Skype, Google Hangout and Educational Ballstriking Webinars

 Our main goal is to build a strong relationship with the new member of our golfing family. Remember the success of our program is based only in the succes our students have had or will have.

The Elite Membership Guarantee

When you join Elite Golf Performance Online Academy today you’re entering the Elite Golf Performance family. This is not something we take lightly or for granted.

Because you’re now part of the Elite Golf Performance family you’re getting the family treatment. During your membership you’ll be protected by our triple membership guarantee:

Guarantee #1:Guarantee #1: Delivery – You can count on  to deliver the highest level content each and every month like clockwork. We’ll continue to provide your monthly lessons until you tell us to stop.

Guarantee #2: Guarantee #2: Affordability – For as long as you are member of EGP your membership tuition will NEVER change. Obviously we will likely increase the price as time goes on, but not for you!

Guarantee #3 – 100% Satisfaction – If at any time you’re not thrilled with EGP just let us know. We’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. You can contact our customer service at (817) 726-0493 or elitegolfing@gmail.com



Ballstriking and short game will improve within 3 days
Develop feel of the body, club and movements in one week
Longterm Confidence through results within two weeks
Skills Challenges that will push you to the next level
Overcome scoring obstacles and limitations on the course
Training is like no other and your game will do the talking
Physical and mental strength, balance and happiness
You will learn this is more than just a golf improvement program
An opportunity to join the 1% Club, an elite group that plays to their full potential
Will become uncommon in your scoring, training and life
Hundreds Of Hours Of Structured Training Videos In All Aspects Of Performance:Have access to the best quality instruction in the world at your disposal 24/7 Take control of  your Golf Game, Health and Fitness by training in this amazing program. Use your PC, Laptop,iphone, smartphone and use it at the home, driving range, golf course ect anywhere/anytime.

Unlock Your Potential Call (817) 726-0493 or Email elitegolfing@gmail.com



We have three different online program options

1. The Elite Private Website Membership Program- which gives you full access 24/7 to our private website. This is the base of all three programs, it teaches players how to become great within their potential along with how to find their games vs searching and being lost in the jungle so to speak. The site covers everything related to golf performance and is in a structured order. The player uses and follows the program as designed to build consistent longevity of their game. The teaches the player how to find themselves as a player




2. The Elite Webinar Guidance Program- which is two golf educational webinars per month that cover the drill progressions we teach along with how and why to do them. This is our most popular program and it also includes the private membership as well. Players can and do ask questions during the webinar after the initial presentation is over. After the webinar a follow up video is made and sent out to all the customers within the program answering their individual questions by demonstration. If you cannot make the bi-weekly webinar times you will get a follow up email with the recorded video link attached so if you are not there live you will not miss anything at all. Webinars are bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 6pm central time. Each Webinar will generally run over an hour and also we've had webinars go over 3 hours in the past.



3. The Live Training Elite Program- which includes both the private membership program, elite guidance program. The customer can choose as many live training sessions as they choose. We use facetime, google hangout or skype. This is a real live one on one golf lesson which teaches the golfer the feels, drills ect relative to their individual needs in live real time  format. There is absolutely no difference between a live training session vs a session on an actual driving range with us.



We encourage setting up an intial call so we can better explain best how it all works and how and how it will help you. Call (817) 726-0493 to have a conversation with Matt Christian about the best program that fits your needs as a player.


This Real Life Online Golf Testimonials Below:

"I work with Matt online from 1,000 miles away. I have played golf since I was 13, (some 43 years now!) but never achieved the level of actually owning a golf swing like I so dearly wanted. I worked relentlessly and only struggled. In just a few lessons Matt went straight to the root of my problems and using his training methods and experience from being a long time instructor was able to correct issues I have had since the beginning. In just a few months I have a better swing, better short game, and more importantly, more confidence now that I understand what I am doing. All this in only a few lessons!! I've worked hard on every lesson and drill. Golf isn't easy. It takes practice and some skill. But it can be made a lot easier if you work with an instructor who knows what are the important skills at your level and can guide you through it and on to the next level. This program is like no other. It doesn't teach positions, but by doing the drills and understanding the swing as energy, it instead teaches ball striking and impact timing. Then the positions just happen. I think Matt Christian is a golf instruction genius and highly recommend him and his school to anyone interested in seriously improving their ball striking and enjoyment of the game. I could not be happier with my game I will never look at golf the same way again. Thank you Matt Christian!"

James Franks- Ohio
* James Franks is the 2015 New Club Champion with a score 72-69, birdied three out of the last five holes to get into a playoff, then he closed the deal on the 2nd playoff hole for the WIN...


"Fascinating stuff, Matt. 
I just watched the first two videos and only a couple times in my golfing career I've stumbled onto this "effortless release feel" wherre every club was flush. I've never been able to consistently reproduce this feeling, but with your detailed guidance I may be on the track to rediscovering this. I'm surprised more instructors don't emphasize this. Your take on the hands is So important and explains why so many golfers just spin their wheels, my contact is already markedly different."

Mathhew Bouesh


I'm a couple of months into this I just wanted to drop you a note to say how impressed I am with the program you have put together.  Your comprehension of the critical components of the golf swing and your ability to communicate them to your students is exceptional.  
At 68 years old the brain is not as easily adapted as it might be in a younger student but your methods are really effective and although I have never broken 80 I feel confident with your program I can achieve that goal and maybe even play at that level.
I also really appreciate how you have put together a holistic program including not only swing instruction but also both the mental and physical conditioning necessary to play my best golf.
I have taken instruction from some well known teachers ( Andy Plummer, Jim Suttie, David Lee,  Mike Adams) but none of them have helped me or helped me help myself the way you have.
Looking forward to our online session on Tuesday,
Mike Maslowski- California


"Hi Matt, First I must say is that the swing you are teaching is really helping my performance with my golf. I really like the downswing concept you teach."

Maher Haffani- Ukraine

"Hi Matt
I can't express how much I enjoy your videos... just so helpful and the type of teaching I have been looking for but didn't know how to explain. I watched a video the other daywhere you worked with a young guy with a high handicap. His swing was so much more fluid,straighter and added more distance in his session."

Kathleen Grehlinger- Boston, MA

"I'm striking the ball a little more consistently and scoring better. I've played 9 after work the last three nights and in 27 holes I am 4 over shooting +3, +1, and even. In those 27 holes I have made 7 birdies and one eagle. So almost a third of my holes are under par. Obviously I have some work yet to do if I make that many birdies and still shoot over par. It's improving though. The driver is getting a little longer. Irons are the same distance but consistently pure and as you can imagine I'm getting pretty good looks with the putter. I think your last video will help me my right side definitely gets me in trouble on occasion."

Grant Elpers-Garden City, Kansas

Look whos at the top this year
Been playing well in the tournaments this year, good enough to have reached first place at the moment.  Some tough tournaments coming up
But as long as I’m in the top 32, I make the Ryder Cup format at the end of the year.
Played in a ½ way mockup a few weeks ago and we beat our competitors 10/8.
 The zero is because I was at HSB which has coincided with the Feb. MGA that past couple of years.  HSB is much more fun. Thanks to Matt for his help this year!!

Greg Fogg-Austin, Texas
Gregg in 2015 took second place in his Club Championship, even though he did not win the championship this was a huge jump in performance of  his game, confidence and now future

Thank you Matt I can't wait to get deeper into the program. Hopefully I can get a swing that somewhat resembles yours. This is what I needed instead of bits and pieces here and there. Awesome program and thanks again Matt.

Tom Haugh- California