Get Elite Golf Performance Certified!


We have added the ability to get Elite Golf Performance certified to our list of quality courses. Golf instructors that are looking for the most well rounded, up to date techniques will have the oppotunity to now come and train with owner Matt Christian of EGP and become EGP Certified. This is a 2-day course with a total of 12 hours of concepts, training and business development to help teachers become more well rounded and have a solid base to teach from. If you're looking to train with the BEST - sign up for this course. This course requires video of instructor before and after results through training with EGP and also students before and after videos via internet before receiving a full certification. The EGP Instructor Certification is challenging yet very rewarding. It's one thing to talk about things, it another thing to be able to back it up - ALL EGP CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS can back it up!

EGP Training Includes

EGP 3d Motion Analysis

  • The Science of 3d
  • How to read and communicate 3d data to students
  • The application training for students
  • Who to test and when

EGP Golf Instruction

  • Things the golfer can control
  • Things the golfer can't control
  • Corrective Full Swing Fundamentals
  • Corrective Short Game Fundamentals
  • How to use video properly
  • Theory vs Reality

EGP Golf Fitness

  • EGP Golf Coordination
  • EGP Flow Mobilty Training
  • EGP Kettlebell Power for golfers
  • EGP Golf Fitness Screens/EGP Corrective Techniques
  • How to get a successful golf fitness class started

EGP Custom Clubfitting

  • How to choose Clubhead Design
  • How to determine Clubhead Lie and Loft
  • How to determine the correct Shaft Design
  • How to determine the proper Length and weight
  • How to complete the proper Individual Set Makeup
  • Give the player what they need vs what they want

EGP Business Appoach

  • Website Marketing 101
  • External Business Linking
  • Successful students equals Successful Business
  • Social Media
  • Customer retention

Things To Bring

  • Open Mind
  • Workout clothes
  • Notebook
  • Any and All Questions


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