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The "Elite" Mental Game

Voted Best of the Best 
We teach the zen transformation program here at Elite Golf Performance, we also teach it by donations only, you can even defer to pay anything at all and we will still run you through the program. Donate to us for what you feel it has done to your golf, life and business.

Go to for more info about how we use Zen.

Good things come to those that practice zen

We mix in a unique fusion of Zen and Chi to create the best mind and body experiences. Zen is a living practice and understanding of yourself. Chi is the inner energy your body and mind uses to protect the nervous system, heal pains/injuries and allows the mind and body to be as one. Practiced in Tai Chi, Gigong and Yoga 

Why Donations instead of charging clients? 
We believe that in order for the student to learn Zen properly, that money needs to be out of the equation.

Yes, the quality of our program is amazing and we have lives transformed, happier marriages, better human beings and golfers that play better golf

We don't want money to be the driving factor of not trying our program

What Will You Learn from

1. Identify the source of the problem and why
2. Learn about and develop self confidence
3. Be relaxed and energized on and off the course
4. Become mentally present and aware
5. Stress free golf and life
6. Discuss your rounds and playing patterns
7. Understand range practice and playing differences.
8. Learn the Zen solutions

What's the most important part to the mental game?
1. Being awake and present
2. Self Confidence

Most golfers lack focus due to pressure and lack confidence due to the worry about performance. The best players either elite amateur or pros look are awake when they play and believe in themselves all the time. 

Call (512) 508-1504 or email to get more details or to get started!


Chi is energy. Energy blocks occur through the body that are due to mental tension, diet, stress, anxiety, tightness, strength and balance which all affect proper chi flow. Chi is like water, it flows and your muscles can be like a dam if they are not allowing chi to flow through them. Chi is no myth, it can be acquired through proper understanding and training.

We use mental training, kettlebells , tai chi, qi gong and more individual specific exercises to help our players maximize their true potential on and off the course. If you think better, feel better, more enegized, focused, aware and are more relaxed you will play better golf without a doubt and live a better quality of life.

The Diet plays a vital role in feeling better along with reducing stress and anxiety. Many studies have proven that if your core area "stomach" feels light and "alive" then you will perform your best in any sport. The diet is the most underrated part of fitness, different fitness training requires a different diet. Understanding "your diet" good or bad is the key to developing a stable long term diet that makes sense.

The Body Systems that control mental and physical health
  • Digestive
  • Intestinal
  • Circulatory
  • Nervous
  • Immune
  • Respiratory
  • Glandular
  • Urinary
  • Skeletal

The golfers mental health is by far and away more important than the golfers mental game.

Studies show that 90% of Americans are stressed out higher than a moderate level. Name any bad health related issue to the mind or body and stress probably has a part in making it worse.

Teaching yourself to play with Supreme confidence, Complete relaxation and with Direct focus is what we believe is the best way to play golf at any level of play. This is the hardest thing to do in Golf because golfers are constantly judging themselves on every single shot good or bad, which transfers into a rollercoaster mental behavior. 

The Source of mental health issues doesn't come from golf, but golf certainly exposes or affects the golfers mental game good or bad.


Some Anger Examples Relative to Golf:

  • Poor Decisions
  • Adverse affects on next shot or entire round
  • Takes the joy out of competition
  • Golf swing will feel quick and jerky
  • Mind will have a "who cares" attitude
  • Golfers plays to fast
  • Golfers will swing with much muscled aggression
  • Breaks clubs or throws clubs
  • Can affect relationships of close friends or family
  • Can lead to quitting this great game

2. Stress - The affects of stress and anxiety for a golfer leads to mental and physical tension.

Some Stress Examples Relative to Golf:

  • Nervousness
  • Quick Decisions
  • Second guessing in the swing
  • Scatter brain
  • Defensive attitude 
  • Poor Breathing
  • Golfer will tend to try to steer the ball around the course
  • Affects Sleep before tournament play or any competition
  • Leads to pre round energy loss and fatique
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Can start a long term slump
  • Can lead to quitting this great game

3. Some depression examples relative to golf - the affects of depression for a golfer leads to mental and physical softness

Depression examples:

  • Timid
  • Unaware
  • Fogging mind
  • Golfers swing to loose and flimsy
  • Slumping posture
  • Lack of confidence
  • Golfer Comes up short a lot
  • Golfer hits the ball thin
  • Golfer doesn't want to be there
  • Can lead to long term slump
  • Can lead to quitting the game



Call (512) 508-1504 or email to get more details or to get started!


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