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The "Elite" Mental Game

Get your mental game better than ever through our Elite Mental Game Programs.

What Will You Learn?

1. Source of the problem and why
2. Develop self confidence
3. Be relaxed and energized on and off the course
4. Direct focus and calm on and off the course
5. Become mentally present and aware
6. Stress free golf and life
7. Discuss your rounds and playing patterns
8. Understand range practice and playing differences

Ask yourself this one questions?
1. How much do I train on my mental game to make it better per week currently?

We have a number of solutions that will help your mental game become "Elite"

Don't feel skeptical, if you know or think it's a problem give yourself a chance to start correcting it now

Call (512)508-1504 to get started or email

Chi is energy. Energy blocks occur through the body that are due to mental tension, diet, stress, anxiety, tightness, strength and balance which all affect proper chi flow. Chi is like water, it flows and your muscles can be like a dam if they are not allowing chi to flow through them. Chi is no myth, it can be acquired through proper understanding and training.

We use mental training, kettlebells , tai chi, qi gong and more individual specific exercises to help our players maximize their true potential on and off the course. If you think better, feel better, more enegized, focused, aware and are more relaxed you will play better golf without a doubt and live a better quality of life.

The Diet plays a vital role in feeling better along with reducing stress and anxiety. Many studies have proven that if your core area "stomach" feels light and "alive" then you will perform your best in any sport. The diet is the most underrated part of fitness, different fitness training requires a different diet. Understanding "your diet" good or bad is the key to developing a stable long term diet that makes sense.

The Body Systems that control mental and physical health
  • Digestive
  • Intestinal
  • Circulatory
  • Nervous
  • Immune
  • Respiratory
  • Glandular
  • Urinary
  • Skeletal

Elite Mental Game and Health
The golfers mental health is by far and away more important than the golfers mental game.

Studies show that 90% of Americans are stressed out higher than a moderate level. Name any bad health related issue to the mind or body and stress probably has a part in making it worse.

Teaching yourself to play with Supreme confidence, Complete relaxation and with Direct focus is what we believe is the best way to play golf at any level of play. This is the hardest thing to do in Golf because golfers are constantly judging themselves on every single shot good or bad, which transfers into a rollercoaster mental behavior. 

Tip: Take golf results out of the equation for 1 month good or bad and just love and enjoy the great game of golf for what it actually is, not what you made it become. I bet you will find this as a game changer

The Source of mental health issues doesn't come from golf, but golf certainly exposes or affects the golfers mental game good or bad.

Sources of anger, stress and depression are very complicated and most of the time unknown of why this develops in an individuals mind, but individuals can become better through diagnosis, awareness and training

Please note there are many different levels of anger, stress and depression, severe cases will need medical attention first and foremost... Prescription medications should be at all costs the last resort for help

Practice Zen - Present, Awareness, "want to change" and daily practice of mindfulness, diet, herbal remedy and fitness will change anyone that decides they really want to be in a better place mentally and physically. Practice doing one task at a time will it as the main focus for example; if you have a conversation with someone, then have a conversation only, do not do other tasks while talking.It's ok if you screw up as long as you are trying to get better for the next situation that tests you...

Important To Understand
Thoughts cause feeling good or bad
Feelings cause actions good or bad
Actions take place because of your thoughts good or bad

Practice this Daily
If your thoughts aren't good redirect them ASAP to helping others for the remainder of the day, then reflect to 10 things you're extremely grateful for as well, don't ask why just give it a shot and see what happens. Whether you're angry, depressed stressed ect. these two things may change your entire day and possibly life. If you can't change your negative thoughts or feelings you should seek medical advise. Make your thoughts and feelings better and your life will soon follow.

3 Major Mental Health Aspects
1. Anger - The affects of internal anger for a golfers leads to mental and physical tension. There are many levels and aspects to anger, it's how the player deals with it, acknowledges it and has a solution for it is what will determine whether or not the golfer is affected by it. Studies show golfers get angry quicker and hold anger inside longer after a competition more than any other sport out there, even hockey and football. That's not good!

Some Anger Examples Relative to Golf:

  • Poor Decisions
  • Adverse affects on next shot or entire round
  • Takes the joy out of competition
  • Golf swing will feel quick and jerky
  • Mind will have a "who cares" attitude
  • Golfers plays to fast
  • Golfers will swing with much muscled aggression
  • Breaks clubs or throws clubs
  • Can affect relationships of close friends or family
  • Can lead to quitting this great game

2. Stress - The affects of stress and anxiety for a golfer leads to mental and physical tension.

Some Stress Examples Relative to Golf:

  • Nervousness
  • Quick Decisions
  • Second guessing in the swing
  • Scatter brain
  • Defensive attitude 
  • Poor Breathing
  • Golfer will tend to try to steer the ball around the course
  • Affects Sleep before tournament play or any competition
  • Leads to pre round energy loss and fatique
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Can start a long term slump
  • Can lead to quitting this great game

3. Some depression examples relative to golf - the affects of depression for a golfer leads to mental and physical softness

Depression examples:

  • Timid
  • Unaware
  • Fogging mind
  • Golfers swing to loose and flimsy
  • Slumping posture
  • Lack of confidence
  • Golfer Comes up short a lot
  • Golfer hits the ball thin
  • Golfer doesn't want to be there
  • Can lead to long term slump
  • Can lead to quitting the game

We believe in internal and external training to help individuals deal with their day to day problems:
1. Tai Chi - internal source of movements of the body and relaxing the mind

2. Diet - The diet will aid to an overall feeling better and well being internally and externally. Starving yourself is not a diet, We can help our golfers find the best diet suited for them as an individual.

3. Herbal Programs - Many herbs "legal" can help people in so many ways. Energy, Stress Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Healing ect. Most people still don't know or understand all the natural healers we have that can really help us without all the crazy side effects of general medications and prescriptions that are handed out...

4. Mental Exercises - Mental exercises also help control and help the mind stay relaxed and focused

If all people were more relaxed, happy with themselves and less defensive and vindictive the world in many aspects would be a much better place to live in.


Call for pricing and more info (512)508-1504 to get an Elite Mental Game

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