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Premier Golf Lessons Austin, Texas

Welcome To Elite Golf Performance
"The Award Winning Academy"

Elite Golf Performance provides a combination of total golf performance in all aspects of the game, Golf Lessons, Golf Schools3d Motion Analysis, Short Game  Club Fitting and Golf Fitness so golfers can play pain free longterm. Elite Golf Performance takes a very complicated, frustrating game for most golfers and makes it very simplefun and easy to learn and understand. Elite Golf Performance is known for helping golfers of all types and ages play the absolute best golf of their life in a very short time, with longterm results. In this business "Our success is determined by our players success" 

"Matt Christian, you are the man! Without your help this dream would have never been possible."
 Eric Mansfield - Austin, Texas | Twin Creeks Golf Club |
 Former 12 handicap currently a Scratch

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"Elite Golf Performance Training Center and Instructor Matt Christian...Is truly "The Best Golf Instructor Golf In Texas!"  We signed our son up for his High School/College Golf Training Program and we've seen a major improvement in his game!  Our son really likes the individualized attention and physical conditioning training along with the best of golf Instruction.
Matt Christian is very personable, professional , and is an "Expert" in his field!!
Austin, Texas
Lisa & Mike Klatt

Why Golfers Choose Elite Golf Performance?

  • Proven Student Track Record with Over 22 years in business
  • Coached Winners on every professional tour.( PGA, Champions, LPGA, and Hooters)
  • We have been trusted by over 20,000 golfers from around the world at all skill levels!
  • Elite Golf Performance voted 'Best Of The Best'
  • Nominated Speaker at the PGA Show
  • Nominated Speaker at the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit
  • EGP was the 'Featured Story' in Texas Golfer Magazine - January, 2011
  • EGP has multiple indoor and outdoor training facilities in Austin, Tx Jonesboro Ar and Kansas City, Ks
  • Our success as a company is based on our students success on the course


Join The Next Generation of Golf Instruction
Call (512) 508-1504 To Schedule Your Golf Lessons Today

 "In all my years of playing high level amateur and professional golf I've trained with some of the best golf instructors around the country including Chuck Cook, Matt Christian of Elite Golf Performance is by far the best instructor I've ever seen."
Kevin Ward 
Former Univeristy of Kansas player/Tour player

The full swing teaching principles at Elite Golf Performance are based around how the body should move the club, instead of how the club should move the body, learn a pain free swing that offers power and precision. The emphasis of our instruction programs is to teach golfers how attack at the ball and through the golf ball with their rear side or "strong side" of their body in order to create effortless speed and precision. The Golfers backswing planes can vary of all sorts and work under our style because our primary emphasis will be to build a repeatable slotted downswing, so all golfers will develop "Elite" timing of striking the ball the same way every time. Any swing style or phyiscal limitations can and will work under our training philosophy. The basis of our company is to improve TIMING  which equals CONFIDENCE Learn more about our teaching philosophy...

The short game- teaching principles at Elite Golf Performance are based around the Steve Stricker and Luke Donald style, where very little hands are used as the big muscles of the body determine the mechanics, strike and feel.  EGP believes the short game is an absolutely crucial and is underated by most in it's importance to playing better golf. There is no excuse for a poor short game, yet good ones are hard to find. Good examples on the PGA Tour of the style we teach for short game are Steve Stricker, Luke Donald, Aaron Baddley and Ricky Fowler.
golf lessons austin - elitegolfperformance.comaustin golf lessons -

The "Elite" Mental Game and Health

"All battles are won and lost before they're ever fought" Sun Tzu- The Art of War

1. Learn how to become better on the course vs the driving range
2. Become Self Confident and Focused on and off the course
3. Develop Clarity, Get Energized and Relaxed on and off the course
4. Learn all the things that make up a strong mental game along with great health and wellness


Golf Fitness Programs By Elite Golf Performance

Elite Golf Performance Golf Fitness ProgramsGolf Fitness Programs - Elite Golf Performance

EGP purchased The Art Of Strength License for Austin, Texas this is the absolute best sports fitness training for any golfer at any level. The Art Of Strength safely progresses an individual to gain massive power, mental resilience, athletic performance and healthy lifestyle. The Art of Strength training provides a "Golfers Trigger Workout" when we trigger the golf swing muscles, you will instantly improve your Coordination and Timing, therefore golfers love training because of the results on and off the course. Recent Studies have shown traditional golf fitness programs around the country are on a downward spiral, because of the lack of results on the golf course, which is very frustrating for golfers. Note any workout is great for daily living, but not for a sport specific game such as golf, many workouts will fail golfers on the course. The Art Of Strength training produces immediate results on the course  physically along with better mental clarity and awareness. EGP is by far the biggest Golf Fitness program in Austin, Texas. Check out our Golf Fitness page and get started.


Go to the  EGP Facebook page over 100 before and after videos/photos posted with customers interacting about results


Call (512) 508-1504 or email to get more details or to get started!


Elite Golf Performance Lessons are for:

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