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Art Of Golf Strength In Austin, Texas

  • Coached Two US Open Champions
  • Coached PGA Tour Winner/Champions Tour Winner
  • Coached US Amateur Champion
  • Elected Speaker PGA Show
  • Speaker PGA Teaching/Coaching Summit
  • Award Winning Program voted by the people "Best Of The Best"
  • EGP was the 'Featured Story' in Texas Golfer Magazine - January, 2011
  • EGP has multiple indoor and outdoor Texas training facilities
  • Proven Track Record
  • We Are Trusted by over 20,000 golfers from around the world
  • EGP is celebrating 22 years in Business
More testimonials at the bottom of the page

"The best lessons I've ever had in my life came from Matt Christian and I've had lessons with some of the worlds best golf instructors."
Wes Short Jr.- PGA Tour Winner 2005 | Champions Tour Winner  2014

"The most important piece of equipment you own in golf is your mind and body" - Tiger Woods



art of strength"I have been playing golf for over 30 years, in that time I have had instruction from several highly regarded teaching professionals, Matt fits well among this list. I think what really sets him apart is the full understanding of all the aspects necessary to perform at the peak levels. It is challenging as a player to find expertise in the swing, body and mind as Matt and Elite Golf Performance provides. I first visited Matt after developing sciatica in my leg, after just a few moments Matt was able to help me make some adjustments and I am happy to say I have not had a episode since, and I push it as hard as I can. IMO, you cannot find more value for your teaching dollar"
Aaron Ross
Current plus 3 handicap

The Art Of Golf Strength training gives a serious advantage to ANY golfer that chooses to get sweaty, nasty and pay the price to get their bodies and minds to function like an athlete should. Golfers Movements include bending, twisting, separating, stabilizing, slamming along with kettlebell lifting along with many other cool things to make golfers perform on the course. Check out to see and learn about the training you will be performing at Elite Golf Performance. We only use the best services at EGP and Art Of Strength meets that criteria 100%

"The Stronger you make yourself the harder you make yourself to beat"
Matt Christian



"The Elite" Ball Strikers Training Programs

This is a 100% sport specific rotational training which means Golf, Tennis, Baseball Quarterbacks, Kickers, Basketball, Soccer, Martial Artist ect will see drastic improvements in their respective sports after training with AOS. AOS uses old school lifts and movements to build cardio, flexibility, stength, balance, coordination, mental clarity and mental awareness. Elite Golf Performance has Professional golfers who choose our services with their bodies and minds with their livelihoods at stake every week.

Workout Tools you might use in a typical session:

  • Kettlebells
  • Ropes
  • Suspension Training
  • Thick Grip Bar Bells
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Vibration Training
  • Resistance Power Body Bands 70lbs-200lbs of resistance speed training
  • Swing Leashes
  • Body weight

Types of Workouts:

"Happy Mood Workout"- We will be using proven movements, lifts and training that will trigger your brain into feeling happy after the workout and a sense of ease as well,  Perfect for a Monday.

"The Stress Buster Workout"- This workout beats the internal stress out of you through sweat, resilience and focused lifting. You don't have time to worry and stress about anything except the next move in training. If your a stressed individual you will love this training

Deep Water Training (Mind and Body)
The purpose of this training is to sometimes push both the mind and body past their normal functioning duties. Every great athlete has been pushed in some for or fassion that makes them dig deep from within to see if they have what it takes. We don't believe everyday should be this type of training, but once a week pending golf compeition and time of year.  Workouts should always be challenging, but sometimes it's really good to push it to the edge to see what we really have inside of us

Private sessions last 30-45 minutes per session and are 100% based on the individual needs and restrictions of the client.


Call (512) 508-1504 or email to get more details or to get started!


Description of the Art of Strength

Anthony DiLuglio is one of America's top trainer's, known for his unique approach to fitness. His corporation, Art of Strength, embodies the timeless concept of physical culture: how to train for maximum functional strength, making your body more durable, more resilient, and less prone to injury. DiLuglio has created award-winning fitness equipment, a successful gym franchise, and works with wide range of clients, including athletes and strength coaches from the worlds of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and PBR to Hollywood celebrities, to everyday people who have been discarded by the medical system.

After launching his career in Sweden, DiLuglio worked with some of the country's most elite athlete's and successfully launched several businesses geared towards living a healthy life. After five years DiLuglio returned to the United States where he was appalled by the sorry state of fitness in this country and quickly set out to bring about change. In an effort to take his clients training to a new level, he delved deep into history to uncover authentic, strength-building exercises that are the basis for his workouts, utilizing tools like kettlebells and ropes. His workouts are not only out-of-the-ordinary and fun, but effective, focusing on the total body. In 2004, Men's Journal named Diluglio to their list of "100 Best Fitness Trainers in America." 

In 2006 DiLuglio introduced his wildly popular and revolutionary Ropes Gone Wild program to the fitness community. Ropes Gone Wild was created so varying clientele could receive the proper metabolic training they required using variations of weighted and free-hanging ropes, combined with a wide range of motions and movements. Whether the client was an avid gym-goer, someone rehabbing from injury, professional athlete, one with advanced training needs, or a workout novice, all were searching for the same end result – personal satisfaction and exhilaration from an intense cardiovascular regimen. Ropes Gone Wild hit mainstream status when it was first profiled on NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ in 2007 and was then featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Men’s Health magazine as the #1 new cardio tool in 2009 and as part of Kim Kardashian’s workout routine on Muscle & Fitness – Hers.

Today, is one of the fitness industry's leading sources of education, unique equipment and training programs. With its Minute of Strength, nearly 300 free training videos, inspiring stories of recovery and rehabilitation, downloadable and DVD workouts, as well as a wide selection of equipment, delivers our unique approach to people the world over.

What is Chi?

Chi is energy. Energy blocks occur through the body that are due to mental tension, poor diet stress, anxiety, tightness, strength and balance which all affect proper chi flow. Chi is like water, it flows and your muscles can be like a dam if they are not allowing chi to flow through them and on the flip side if your muscles are too soft the water would be stale like a pond, which as we no means more potential risks of disease and lack of energy. Chi is no myth, it can be aquired through proper understanding and training. If you don't believe in it you've never felt or trained for it.

Training with AOS you will improve: 

1.Coordination and flexibility
2.Core flexibility, strength and stability
3.Hip flexibility, strength and stability
4.Shoulder and torso mobility and stability
5.Improved balance
6.Decrease risk of injury
7.Increase overall back mobility and strength
8.Improves cardio and overall blood flow
9.Helps maintain good posture while swinging the club
10.Will add more Power with less Effort!!
11.Stress reduction
12. Mental clarity
13. Mental Awareness
14. Mentally resilient
15. Mentally and Physically durable

The AOS Power Generation Training for Power in the golf swing

The sole purpose of the away swing is to setup a powerful forward swing. The backswing should only have aggressive contractions in the feet, glutes and the lower core muscles, while the arms and wrists are relaxed, yet still firm. Correct movements through the core and hips will allow the golfer to store maximum torque in their backswing.

Forward Swing
The sole purpose of the forward swing is to coordinate the hips, shoulders, arms and club at the highest speeds possible while maintaining good core posture. Correct movements through the core on the downswing allow the golfer to release all the energy into the ball through impact.

"The key great ball striking is learning how to wait on the downswing for the POWER to build through impact, be patient!!!" - Elite Golf Performance


Call (512) 508-1504 or email to get more details or to get started!

Brief History of Chen Style Tai Chi

Chen Style Tai Chi is the earliest historically verifiable Tai Chi system in existence in China. It is commonly accepted that Tai Chi was developed in the village of Chenjiagou in Wenxian County, Henan Province, China. According to the Wenxian County Annals, Chen Wangting (1600-1680), a retired military officer and a ninth generation family member of the Chen Family, was credited with having originated Chen Style Tai Chi around 1644. Tai Chi theory is largely based on "The Book of Changes" along with concepts from the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, as detailed in "The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Chinese Medicine". He combined some war field fighting knowledge into it. Influenced greatly by the Ji Xiao Xin Shu (New Book of Effective Techniques), a book on strategy; discipline; and collation of folk marital arts by a famous general, Qi Jiguang (1528-1487) of Shandong during the Ming Dynasty. Qi Jiguang preferred the necessity of rigorous physical fitness training and effective hand-to-hand tactics, and not accepting the superiority of brute strength alone as the determining factor in battle. Chen Wangting carried forward Qi’s essential theories, and created a new way in training called Tai Chi Quan. Chen Wangting was also credited with creating push hands drills, in which students practice "adhering" to each others movements to increase their sensitivity to their partners' intentions, which thereby function as a bridge between solo practice and free sparring.

Chen Changxing (1771-1853), a sixth generation Chen Tai Chi practitioner was famous as the first master teaching his family’s secrets to outsiders. Yang Style Tai Chi founder Yang Luchan (1800 -1873), was his best student. Yang developed his own form, a modified version of the Chen Chanxing's original long form - Liaojia Yilu.

Chen Fake (1887-1957), a ninth generation Chen Tai Chi practitioner, expanded greatly the Chen style Tai Chi to the mainstream of Chinese martial arts. There were numerous stories of Chen Fake's abilities as a martial artist, his courage and skill when establishing his reputation in Beijing, where he came to teach in 1928. Chen Fake taught in Beijing for nearly 30 years, enhancing the reputation of the family style, and establishing a distinguished lineage of his own students. The most famous were: Chen Zhaokwei (son); Feng Zhiqiang; Gu Liuxing, ...

Chen Zhaopei (1893-1973), a 10th generation Chen Tai Chi practitioner. He was invited to teach at Tun Ren Tong, the famous medical establishment, in 1918, his reputation as a martial artist quickly grew and he was lately invited (1930) to teach at the prestigious Nanjing Central Martial Arts Academy. In 1958, Chen Zhaopei returned to Chen village and served as the chief instructor, where he was responsible for passing on the Old Frame (Laojia) and traditional weapons sets to the 11th Chen Tai Chi generation practitioners. Among them are the famous present-day "Four Tigers of Chen's Village", Chen Xiaowang, Chen Zhenglei, Zhu Tiancai, and Wang Xian. He was honored for his effort in saving Chen Village ‘s Tai Chi through the Cultural Revolution difficult time of China!

Chen Zhaokui (1928 - 1981), also a 10th generation of Chen Tai Chi practitioner, joined his father, Chen Fake, in Beijing at the age of 3. He was credited for passing on of the New Frame (Xinjia) to the public. So that, his father Chen Fake started the Xinjia practice, and he taught the Xinjia. He made annual visits to Chen Village after Chen Zhaopei passed away, and taught the Xianjia to the well-known "Four Tigers of Chen's Village". Largely due to his efforts, the Xinjia Chen style Tai Chi flushing in Chen Village nowadays!


Call (512) 508-1504 or email to get more details or to get started!