The Elite Golf Performance Instructors

Matt Christian - Founder/Coach

Professional background includes

Matt Christian reached the pinnacle of his career in his profession at 38 years old when he was hired as a traveling PGA Tour Coach in 2013, Matt Christian created Elite Golf Performance in 1993 with his many intense years of combined studies and concepts of the best Biomedical Engineers, Martial Artists, Golf Instructors, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers and Sports Conditioning Specialist to create the best all around quality of golf instruction , fitness and health and well being possible to all golfers. Matt Christian a former Collegiate Golf Coach has worked with multiple winners on the PGA, LPGA and Champions tours. Matt Christian has been sought out by many of the top golf instructors in the world, due to on course and competition student results and the unique downswing training approach he coaches.

Matt Christian delivered a K-Vest and golf biomechanics presentation to over 500 PGA teaching professionals at the 2006 PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit. Included Jim Mclean, Ben Doyle, Martin Hall, Laird Small, Michael Bentley, Dr. Gary Wiren, Dr. Jim Suttie and many more of the most respected teachers in the country came to listen.

  • Played professional golf for three years
  • 24 years of professional teaching/coaching, golf biomechanics/fitness, mental strength/health and club fitting experience
  • Trained under Mark Wineinger former head instructor under Butch Harmon
  • Trained under PGA professional Rob Rennell selected as PGA teacher of the year in Tennessee
  • Trained under PGA professional Paul Bertholy in Golf Biomechanics/Kinesiology and The Bertholy Method
  • K-Vest expert in 3d Golf Biomechanics
  • Certified TRX Fitness Instructor
  • Certified TPI Golf Fitness Instructor
  • Certified RGSF Kettlebell Instructor
  • Certified Tai Chi Instructor
  • Certified Zenolink Trainer in 3D motion analysis in Golf Biomechanics.
  • Certified Biomechanics Specialist through Nesta
  • Certified 3d Sports Motion Analysis in 10 different sports
  • Certified 21 years as a Master Club Fitter with Henry-Griffitts
  • Certified KZG Master Clubfitter and Builder
  • Certified TaylorMade Custom Club Fitter
  • Named World's Top 100 Clubfitters 2008
  • Certified Master Custom Golfshaft Fitter through Novatech Advanced -Certified Center
  • Coached over 120 junior golfers to collegiate scholarships through our College -Prep Programs
  • Coached Tour players at the Futures, Hooters, Nationwide, LPGA, Champions and PGA tour levels
  • Nominated as 2006 Golfsmith Club Fitter of the Year
  • Named World's Top 100 Club Fitters in 2006 through 2010
  • Named "2005 Best of the Best Golf Pro” by the Jonesboro Sun newspaper
  • In 2006 worked with two former US OPEN Champions on golf biomechanics
  • In 2006, trained Chuck Cook and staff on the K-Vest technology
  • In 2006 Presented K-Vest and golf biomechanics presentation to Joe Daniels -Owner of The Golfing Machine along with its most elite certified instructors/notables such as Ben Doyle, Martin Hall and Chuck Cook

Wes Short, Jr.- PGA Tour Winner- Master Instructor & Staff Advisor

Wes is known by his fellow touring professionals as one of the purest ball strikers in the world. Wes trains in the EGP philosophy and believes it to be the simplest and most effective solution to helping all golfers perform to their very best. Wes brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to EGP that betters both our staff and students. Winner on both the PGA Tour and Champions Tour

Blake Scott

  •  15 years of professional teaching/coaching, golf biomechanics/fitness,
    mental strength/health and club fitting experience
  •  Teaching Professional Beaver Creek Golf Course Avon Co
  • Teaching Professional RioSecco LasVegas Nv
  • Teaching Professional The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch Avon Co
  • Trained under Matt Christian founder of Elite Golf Performance
  • Teaching professional Elite Golf Performance
  • Head golf coach at Eagle Valley High School
  • Director of Golf Gypsum Creek Golf Course
  • Trained under PGA professional Tom Buzbee a 33 year member of the PGA
  •  K-Vest expert in 3d Golf Biomechanics
  •  Certified TRX Fitness Instructor
  •  Certified TPI Golf Fitness Instructor
  •  Certified RGSF Kettlebell Instructor
  •  Certified 3d Sports Motion Analysis in 10 different sports
  •  Certified 15 years as a Master Club Fitter through the San Diego golf
  •  Certified Callaway Custom Club Fitter
  •  Coached junior golfers to collegiate scholarships through our College
  • Prep Programs
  •  Coached Tour players at the Nationwide, LPGA, Champions and PGA tour.
Larry Degenhart
  • 30­ year LIFE MEMBER of the PGA of America focused on teaching, golf coureoperations, retail operations, equipment fittng, training and positive fiscal results
  • Unitech Ltd. Noida, U.P., India
  •  Created grass­roots learning programs for a captive audience of 600 families of new golfers Instrumental in numerous programs for new members, juniors, and outside play.
  • CUSTOM CLUB­FITTING SPECIALIST – TaylorMade India; TaylorMade Golf, Gurgaon, Haryana
  • First­ever custom­club fitting specialist for TaylorMade India Trained all golf professionals country­wide at selected marketing events Featured in all advertising/marketing in custom club­fitting for India
  • HEAD PGA PROFESSIONAL ­ Dicks Sporting Goods, Pflugerville, Texas USA
  • Opened/recruited talent for operating simulator and launch monitors for new store. Directed all retail activity in 30,000 square foot golf shop, eclipsing original budget by 50 in new store
  • PGA GOLF TECHNICIAN – Cleveland Golf Company, (Texas) Huntington Beach, CA USCreated a one­ of ­a­ kind golf club fitting method to improve R&D efficiency from 2006 forward. Instrumental in achieving record sales growth of 40% during this time period. Teamed with Regional Representative to open multiple new accounts and revitalize existing accounts Built “train the trainer” process to teach golf professionals to fit clubs, dramatically increasing their sales
  • PGA TECH VAN DIRECTOR – Wilson Sporting Goods, Chicago, Il US Instrumental in re­launching the iconic Wilson Staff brand and driving sales
  • HEAD PGA PROFESSIONAL/DIR. OF INSTRUCTION – Pecan Valley Golf Club, San Antonio,
  • Directed Nike Golf Learning Center – created multiple original teaching programs Increased retail revenue by 53% due to initiation of these programs
  • PGA PROFESSIONAL ­ Grand Cypress Academy of Golf, & V.I.P Golf Academy, Orlando,
  • PGA ASSISTANT PROFESSIONAL, Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club, Orlando, Florida
  • PGA DIRECTOR OF GOLF, Eastwood Golf Club, Orlando, Florida USA
 PGA Teaching/Coaching Summit ’88­‘90
 PGA Teaching Workshop­ Dave Pelz
 PGA Teaching Workshop­ Craig Shankland
 PGA Workshop­ Junior Golf Programs
 Henry­Griffitts Fitting School
 Adams Golf Fitting School
 Marius Filmalter Short Game School

Elite Golf Performance Certified Senior Instructor 9 years

As a Life Member of the PGA, Larry has spent 31 years in all aspects of the golf industry.His accomplishments range from being a regular member of the P.G.A. Tour and participating in two U.S. Opens to being Tour Van Director with both Wilson and Burrows Golf. Larry’s also a leading club fitting expert with Cleveland Golf.
Larry has been a Head Professional at clubs in Florida and Texas. While in Florida, he received numerous awards in Junior Golf. His biggest achievement comes in the area of instruction learning from some of the best which include: Harvey Penick, Hank Haney, David Leadbetter, Jim McLean, Carl Rabito, Mike Bender and Marius Filmalter.

Larry’s philosophy is simply to make you play better golf focusing on what the golf club does during the swing, with emphasis on balance, rhythm and timing. This allows the student to make his/her own corrections for faster improvement and enjoyment of the game

Matthew Nutting- Staff Advisor
Joint seminars with Matt Christian

Matthew has been playing golf for over 35 years. Having played for England Schools he went on to secure a golf scholarship to the University of Stirling in Scotland where he won three national titles and graduated in Psychology and Marketing.
Matthew’s teaching philosophy changes you into a "Performance You". The Performance You that is relaxed, confident, mentally and physically prepared, in control of your emotions and fully committed to every shot.
He does this by working directly with the subconscious part of the brain, the part that controls our behaviors helping golfers lay down improved belief systems, so change is often rapid. The Performance You is developed in part by using triggers designed for:

Performance Enhancement

  • Building Confidence
  • Improving Focus & Concentration
  • Overcoming Mental Blocks
  • Motivation for Practicing/Competition  
  • Uncovering limiting beliefs that may be holding the golfer back
  • Competition Nerves

His Performance You philosophy has helped major winners and tour professionals as well as leading amateurs, intermediate golfers and beginners.
Mental training is being increasingly recognized as an integral component of golfers’ training. Tiger was first introduced to it when he was 13 years old by Jay Brunza. As a result Tiger uses self-hypnosis to get himself into "the zone" at will.
Matthew works in conjunction with your teaching professional to develop the new Performance You on the driving range, short game area and putting green. He helps you develop and establish your own effective pre-shot routine and post-shot routine which is fundamental in controlling your emotions.
He also helps golfers mentally prepare away from the course with particular focus on the night before you play, driving to the course as well as on the way home. Skills like positive visualization have to be practiced as well as letting bad shots be forgotten. Too many players take the bad shots and emotions home with them.
In addition to the mental side of the game Matthew is a qualified Yoga for Golfers’ Instructor and Fitness for Golfers’ Instructor. Very few golfers have a golf specific warm up. So Matthew developed three programs that he will film with an extremely well known tour professional in the New Year:

  • Warm Up Program
  • On Course Program
  • Restorative Program

And he reguarly writes features for Golf Digest and has been published in Men’s Health and GQ!

Vipul Gidda - Certified Senior Instructor

  • Certified and trained under Elite Golf Performance for 5 years
  • Named World's Top 100 Clubfitters 2008
  • Certified TRX Fitness Instructor through Elite Golf Performance
  • Trained Hooters, Nationwide and PGA tour players through Elite Golf Performance
  • Trained in TPI Fitness screens
  • Trained in Zenolink 3d Sports Biomechanics
  • Trained in Kvest
  • Trained in Yoga, Pilates, Kettlebell and TRX suspension training
  • Trained on the Flightscope launch monitor
  • 3 years of on course Caddy experience
  • Certified instructor trainer for Elite Golf Performance
  • Certified KZG Master Custom Club Fitter
  • Certified Golfsmith Clubfitter
  • Certified Golfsmith Club Builder/Repairs
  • Member of IPAC (International Professional Clubfitters)
  • Member of GCA (Golf Clubfitters Association of America)
  • Completed the grueling Kettlebell Essentials Test